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Central Valley Innovation Award
UC Merced Venture Lab member Michael Urner was the recent winner of the Central Valley Innovation Award at the 2018 UC Davis Big Bang Business Competition!
Venture Lab Members at Greenbuild Conference
Julio Perez and Gene Panferov in front of the Greenbuild Conference in Boston, MA where they utilized portions of their NSF I-Corps grant to expand on customer discovery for their business.
Merced Rotary Clubs visit the Venture Lab
Merced Rotary Club members network at a UC Merced Venture Lab open house.





The UC Merced Venture Lab network is the flagship program of the UC Merced Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. The incubator network comprises three sites in Modesto, Atwater and Merced. It also supports the Product Incubation Center, the Proof of Concept Fund and Central Valley Ventures, and was designated a National Science Foundation Innovation-Corps Site. The program and network specialize in connecting and building teams to foster innovation and entrepreneurship to spur economic development in the Central Valley.

Welcome to UC Merced Venture Lab



 The UC Merced Venture Lab partners with researchers that are interested in exploring commercial opportunities applicable to their research. Through this program, we facilitate connections to key industry partners and expand the potential impact of their innovations.

Community Resources


  As a community business incubator, we partner with individuals and entities that are interested in starting or growing a business. Through our vast network of partners, mentors and resources, we help new and established companies connect to the right networks to be successful.

Student Resources


We provide the opportunity for students to explore entrepreneurship as a career option. Through guided mentoring and access to resources, students are provided with an environment to establish connections and build a company.

Mentor Highlight






Amy Falken

Amy Falken is a startup specialist in both the nonprofit and for-profit sector. She uses a variety of strengths-based assessment tools, and collaborates with other consultants, to help people get started or find "the next big thing" with their organization or business.