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Launching a startup

The Yard and Tower Start-Up Blueprint is used to guide the development of a start-up company and is a visual tracking tool for start-up growth and achievements. The Yard is the place to acknowledge various achievements and milestones which do not inherently advance the process of building an investible start-up. Examples are: winning a business plan competition, filing a patent, getting accepted into an incubator or accelerator, having people download the free version of your app, etc. These achievements are vanity metrics because they do not significantly address uncertainties about the success of a start-up, but they can provide encouragement to the start-up team and, potentially, to investors. The purpose of the Yard/Tower dichotomy is to create a conceptual framework for helping entrepreneurs understand the difference between fundamental progress that “builds the tower” and achievements which are simply encouraging. (Baird and Schuerman, 2015).